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PAM's History

Ever wonder how PAM’s Auto came to be?

This is a long history, but maybe we should give you the short version!

This is our timeline...

1991: PAM's Auto gets started by fixing repairables.

1995: PAM's Auto moves to our current location.

1998: PAM's Auto builds our first warehouse.

2001: PAM's Auto builds our second warehouse. The rebuilding of repairables for the public is discontinued so we can focus on parts only.

2004: PAM's Auto builds our current office space and remodels shipping to a state-of-the-art area.

2007: PAM's Auto builds our third warehouse and enlarges shipping facilities.

2011: PAM's Auto doubles facility size and buildings. With over 100,000 sq foot of buildings and 100+ acres to meet you part needs.

2013: PAM's Auto now offers New OE surplus parts.

2015: PAM’s Auto now offers New aftermarket CAPA certified collision repair parts.

2016: PAM’s Auto now offers rebuilt and remanufactured parts to include wheels, engines, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, and more!

2018: PAM’s Auto is earns NSF and ISO9001:2015 certification thus becoming the only auto parts distributor that has achieved this level of certification.

2021: PAM’s Auto celebrates 30 years of parts distribution excellence!

2021: PAM’s Auto recertifies to ISO9001:2015 standards and still is the only automotive recycler to ever hold this certification.