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Recycled Part Facts - Part II

Why does it matter to you where PAM’s gets their vehicles?

The quality of the parts you purchase from a salvage yard is a direct result of where they purchase their vehicles from. Here at PAM’s we only buy late model vehicles that have been totaled by an insurance company. They are the best vehicles for parts as they were a running and driving car prior to the accident! Here are other sources for vehicles and why we don’t use them to acquire cars. Make sure to ask your other part vendors where they acquire their vehicles.

Would you want a part from a car that has been fully immersed in water or even worse, water with raw sewage in it? Most flood vehicles come from metro areas that have fast and heavy rainfall, which often includes sewer backups.

Most repossessions happen because the vehicle has major problems and the owner stops making payments because the vehicle is inoperable.

Vehicle history is difficult to confirm. If the vehicle was in good condition why would they be selling it to a salvage yard?

End of Life Vehicles are older vehicles that have no value and are inoperable. PAM’s does not handle these as they are early model. These are mostly processed for the metals they contain.