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About us

PAM's Auto History

Ever wonder how PAM’s Auto came to be?
This is a long history, but maybe we should give you the short version!
PAM's timeline

1991: PAM's Auto gets started by fixing repairables.

1995: PAM's Auto moves to our current location.

1998: PAM's Auto builds our first warehouse.

2001: PAM's Auto builds our second warehouse. The rebuilding of repairables for the public is discontinued so we can focus on parts only.

2004: PAM's Auto builds our current office space and remodels shipping to a state-of-the-art area.

2007: PAM's Auto builds our third warehouse and enlarges shipping facilities.

2011: PAM's Auto celebrates 20 years of business! Acquires 10 acre parcel for expansion in spring 2011

2016: PAM's Auto celebrates 25 years of business!

Future: All Aluminum and hybrid cars continue to become more mainstream and add to the complexity of an ever changing industry!

There is more to PAM's Auto then just our facility!
We are members of several National and Local Automotive Associations!

PAM's Auto is fueled by our commitment to excellence & customer satisfaction. We are aspired to listen
to our customers and employees, and exceed their expectations by implementing innovative ideas
and affordable options. We aim to accelerate a one-time purchase into a lifetime customer. © 2018. All Rights Reserved.