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48+ years experience

Jim Loscheider

Jim has spent the last 48 years in the automotive industry! Even with all that time under his belt Jim still views every request as a challenge to find the best solution for the customer. Jim will tell you that PAM’s Auto leads the way with the best warranty options in the industry, working hard to keep our customers’ vehicles on the road. As a loyal Jeep owner, he enjoys working on Jeeps and ATV’s in his free time, if he’s not gone fishing that is.
16+ years experience

Randy Lemke

Randy treats every customer like they are a close friend and over the past 16 years many of them have become just that. Treating others how he wants to be treated has served Randy well in his career! Our vast inventory makes PAM’s Auto a “one stop shop” for many customers, which Randy will tell you sets us apart! Given a choice of any vehicle, you would see him in a Chevrolet Corvette. An avid outdoorsman you can find him bowhunting, fishing or spending time outside with his family when he’s not at work.
30+ years experience

Rob Theisen

30 years in the automotive industry has taught Rob that customer service means everything, he takes great pride in offering superior customer service. Having been at PAM’s Auto for nearly two decades he has seen a lot of change however Rob will tell you that the hands-on nature of the owners has not changed throughout that time. If he had to pick a favorite car he’d tell you it’s a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro and when he’s not at work you can find him hunting or spending time with his family.
23+ years experience

Shane Peterschick

In the 23 years Shane has spent in the automotive industry he has found that he enjoys being able to help customers through the issues they are having, ‘I like being the guy that helps solve their problem.’ Throughout his years at PAM’s Auto Shane enjoys the family atmosphere and the importance that everyone puts on family outside of work. Shane likes Chevrolet trucks, particularly the Square Bodies of the ‘70s and ‘80s. When it’s time to relax Shane takes his family to their cabin up north to unplug and unwind.
11+ years experience

Kalvin Moscho

Kalvin has a real passion for everything automotive that has developed over his 11-year career. He enjoys the interaction with customers and truly loves to help find what the customer needs. Kalvin will tell you he utilizes the industry leading in-house technology and resources available at PAM’s Auto to find the best part for the customer’s repair. Kalvin is a Mopar fan, so it’s not surprise that his dream car would be a Challenger Hellcat, in Surf Blue Pearl of course. Believe it or not, outside of work you can typically find him working on cars!
11+ years experience

Jason Smith

Jason has been in the automotive industry for over 11 years, in that time he has turned his love of cars into a career. He prides himself on providing high quality auto parts and customer service to a wide range of customers. Jason says the wide range of inventory from new OE, to aftermarket and recycled allows PAM’s Auto to better serve more customers across the country. A Chevrolet truck fan through and through, you can find Jason outside of work taking cross country road trips with his family, likely in his Silverado.
7+ years experience

Shawn Thielen

Shawn has been working in the automotive industry for 7 years, in that time he has focused on providing customers with the same level of customer service that he would expect. He is driven to provide the best possible customer experience and feels that everyone at PAM’s Auto has that same focus. Shawn says his favorite car is a Chevrolet Camaro, however it must have a 6.2 Turbo! If he’s not at the bowling alley you will be able to find Shawn playing cards, hunting, fishing or spending time with his family.
9+ years experience

Chase Kieke

Exceptional customer service has helped Chase build strong, lasting relationships with customers over his 9 years in the automotive industry. He works hard to make his customers’ lives easier by providing the best service and the best part for their repair. Chase says that the ever evolving product lines PAM’s Auto offers means an even broader range of options for customers. A fan of European cars, particularly Audi, VW, Porsche, and BMW, you can often find Chase, his fiancé and their puppy traveling to car shows in the Midwest.
4+ years experience

Jon Helm

Jon has been in the automotive industry for 4 years working hard to do his part to get your vehicle back on the road. He says our large inventory and part sourcing ability, as well as the wealth of knowledge all under one roof, makes PAM’s Auto the best choice to find the parts you need. Jon will have a tough time picking a favorite vehicle however the late 1950’s-mid-60’s era vehicles will be at the top of the list. Jon stays busy outside of work with woodworking and metalworking projects, that’s when his wife and two kids aren’t keeping him busy!
7+ years experience

Tamber Wade

Tamber believes that treating customers with kindness and respect to create a superior customer experience. 7 years in the automotive industry has taught her that customer service is first and foremost! She appreciates that everyone at PAM’s Auto focuses on creating a positive experience for each customer. She will tell you that a late model Grand Cherokee would be her top pick for a new car, she would likely take it to the North Shore and do some hiking.
10+ years experience

Jamine Wiese

Jamine has been providing superior customer service in the automotive industry for over 10 years. He takes great satisfaction in knowing that the customers he works with will get the part they need, as described and when they expected it. He feels that the large inventory of late model vehicles at PAM’s Auto makes finding those parts a breeze! He won’t pick a favorite, however, Jamine prefers pre-70’s vintage Ford trucks, the ideal vehicle to haul his hunting and fishing gear or his band equipment!

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