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Employee of the Month

.............................................................................................. |..January, 2018

Some of the comments that were shared by fellow employees...

"Thanks for all your hard work!"

"Doing a nice job in OE, way to knock it out without complaints."

"Dedication, accuracy, positive attitude, great communication, and a team player."

"She has amazing attention to detail."

"Always willing to help!"

Past employees of the month:

December, 2017 (Gary Pirkl)
November, 2017 (Matt Schefers)
October, 2017 (Josh Pocklington)
September, 2017 (John Helm)
August, 2017 (Tyler Klassen)
July, 2017 (Erin Bromeling)
June, 2017 (Dan Ritten)
May, 2017 (Christopher Froelich)
April, 2017 (Wendy Mitchell)
March, 2017 (Dave Dooher)
February, 2017 (Joseph Tomporowsky)
January, 2017 (Darren Adamek)
December, 2016 (Josh Guggenberger)
November, 2016 (Kyle Froelich)
October, 2016 (Jim Loscheider)
September, 2016 (Justin Hemmesch)
August, 2016 (Scott Ellingson)
July, 2016 (Michael Davis)
June, 2016 (Jesse Kern)
May, 2016 (Rob Theisen)
April, 2016 (Riley Thomas)
March, 2016 (David Stark)
February, 2016 (Jason Smith)
January, 2016 (Ryan "James" Schreifels)
December, 2015 (Mary Winkelman)
November, 2015 (Kalvin Moscho)
October, 2015 (Jeff Ratzloff)
September, 2015 (Jeremy Kilmer)
August, 2015 (Gary Pirkl)
July, 2015 (Dalynn Wente)
June, 2015 (Ty Neu)
May, 2015 (Jesse Kern)
April, 2015 (Brady Adamek)
March, 2015 (Lance Collins)
February, 2015 (Jesse Manuel)
January, 2015 (Randy Lemke)
December, 2014 (Shane Peterschick)
November, 2014 (Jessica Stawarski)
October, 2014 (Ryan Hemmesch)
September, 2014 (Arne Corneliusen)
August, 2014 (Ryan Gohl)
July, 2014 (Dan Ritten)
June, 2014 (Joe Tomporowski)
May, 2014 (Andrew Gapinski)
April, 2014 (Tim Fox-Meyer)
March, 2014 (Josh Guggenberger)
February, 2014 (Lee Kollar)
January, 2014 (Darren Adamek)
December, 2013 (Wendy Mitchel)
November, 2013 (Chris Mielitz)
October, 2013 (Mike Davis)
September, 2013 (Abe Warnert)
August, 2013 (Josh Pocklington)
July, 2013 (Matt Scheffers)
June, 2013 (Tim Fox-Meyer)

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